Creative Realities: Inspiring Digital for the Next Decade

AI-Powered Digital Signage

Digital signage provides customers target specific messages with high returns and low expenditure. Digital signage is set to become the prevalent form of advertisement vehicle in the market with its attention-grabbing content and attractive outlook. Public and organizations have embraced the use of digital signage on a daily basis given its attractive outlook and as a device of proactive reminder.

Digital displays today are leveraging Artificial Intelligence to scale data and turn feeds into concise digital messages. With the use of AI and machine learning, organizations can automate the messages and provide valuable information according to the surrounding conditions. Some industries are experimenting with augmented and virtual reality to help create a smarter and substantial digital marketing signage. Additionally, businesses can now improve their customer personalization capability by integrating signs with battery operated transmitters emitting Bluetooth Low Energy signals to connect with nearby Bluetooth enabled devices. This will inevitably create a more individualistic user experience as nearby customers will be provided relevant information pertaining to their interests.

In this scenario, exploring the offerings from state-of-the- art service providers along with understanding how technology can help enhance the use of digital signage has been an interesting journey for us. As a prelude to the unique possibilities that digital signage has to offer, in this edition of enterprisetechnologyreview, we present to you a list of companies that are transforming the digital signage landscape with next-generation technologies. We hope this edition will provide you with the right assistance in choosing the best-in-class solution for your requirements.

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